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Mission Statement

   Belvidere School District   

Strategic Plan


Empowerment.  Innovation.  Confidence.  Self Motivation.


The mission of the Belvidere School District is to celebrate our past and empower our future while focusing on the four cornerstones of our district: Tradition, Excellence, Academics and Community.  

We strive to build confidence and promote collaboration.  We encourage an equal partnership with our students and staff as well as its community members.  We empower everyone to develop the best version of themselves. 

The Belvidere School District is committed to shaping students into global citizens, who take initiative for their success and contribute to the continued excellence of the district.  Our students are leaders in the decision making process of their education and will be prepared to excel in a 21st Century society.

Strategic Goals

  • Increase Student Academic Achievement
  • Incorporate additional social and emotional learning into the curriculum
  • Empower stakeholders to harness the power of technology and employ practical applications of tools for meaningful learning and living.
  • Utilize & employ community partnerships to connect resources to the school & curriculum and  elevate student exposure to career or college readiness opportunities.
  • Develop engagement of stakeholders in the school community, (specifically parents, students, staff) and employ initiatives to help them to emulate the vision and goals of the district.
  • Continue to evaluate and improve our school security.