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Start of the Videography Club

The Videography Club will be hosting its first meeting on Wednesday, March 10th, 2021. Founded by Maxim Lyons and supervised by Mrs. Caralee Gately, this will be a new chapter within Belvidere High School. We introduce more and more opportunities to the students and the community. Our mission is to inspire creativity through Photography & Videography, as it states in the flyer below. In this club, we will work together to achieve a common goal yet inspire each and everyone's creative individuality.

Our Google Classroom code is: 7nuths2

Community Service

For those who need community service hours, this is the club to go to. With so many staff needing a film crew to assist them with their ideas, there are so many opportunities to reach well above the required amount of hours! Even practice with the cameras is eligible for service time. Colleges love to see that you help out in your community, and that is our club's strongest pillar.


We will be hosting and doing many activities like photo contests, hosting drive-in movies, documenting and archiving community events, live stream sports, and musicals, and so much more! Some things are restricted due to COVID-19, but we are open to ideas and suggestions at the meetings. We will mainly be preparing & producing photo/videography projects throughout our district.

Club Poster

This QR code will link to the videography club's page on the Belvidere website.