• Robert Blum 
    Email: rblum@belvideresd.org 
    Term Ends: 2020

    Danielle Costantino
    Email:  dcostantino@belvideresd.org
    Term Ends:  2022

    Robert Czopoth 
    Email: rczopoth@belvideresd.org
    Term Ends: 2021

    Melissa Duckworth 
    Email: meduckworth@belvideresd.org
    Term Ends: 2020

    Kathryn Pell 
    Email: kpell@belvideresd.org
    Term Ends: 2021

    Jennifer Scott
    Email: jscott@belvideresd.org
    Term Ends: 2022

    Brian Smith - Vice President 
    Email: bsmith@belvideresd.org
    Term Ends: 2021

    Maryann Stephen - President 
    Email:  mstephen@embarqmail.com
    Term Ends:  2020

    Tadgh LaBar 
    Harmony District Rep 
    Email: tlabar@belvideresd.org

    Doug Tighe
    Hope District Rep 
    Email: dtighe@belvideresd.org

    Colleen Williams 
    White Township District Rep 
    Email: cwilliams@whitetwpsd.org

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