• Welcome to Belvidere School District's Child Study Team
    Serving the students and families of Belvidere, Harmony, Hope and White Township School Districts!

    The New Jersey Department of Education requires that the Child Study Team include a School Psychologist, a Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant, and a School Social Worker.  

    Ryanne Bigelli - Director of Special Services

    rbigelli@belvideresd.org/908-475-6600 x1439 (office)/908-319-3797 (cell)

    Lori Hesketh - Child Study Team Secretary

    lhesketh@belvideresd.org/908-475-6600 x1402

    Child Study Team:

    Janine Adler - School Social Worker/Case Manager (BES K-8)

    jadler@belvideresd.org/908-475-6600 x2009

    Lauren Apgar - Occupational Therapist (Belvidere)

    lapgar@belvideresd.org/908-475-6600 x1437

    Cara Imbalzano - Speech Therapist/ESLS Case Manager (Hope/White)

    cimbalzano@belvideresd.org/908-459-4242 x308 (Hope)/908-475-4773 x3430 (White)

    Dina Kozlowski - Speech Therapist/ESLS Case Manager (Belvidere)

    dkozlowski@belvideresd.org/908-475-6600 x1409

    Elizabeth Kurpat - School Psychologist/Case Manager (OOD/BES PS/BHS 9&10)

    ekurpat@belvideresd.org/908-475-6600 x1410

    Sarah Osmun - Occupational Therapist (Hope/White)

    sosmun@belvideresd.org/908-459-4242 x340 (Hope)/908-475-4773 x (White)

    Lauren Palumbo - LDT-C/Case Manager (Harmony PS - 8)

    lpalumbo@belvideresd.org/908-859-1001 x142

    Danielle Rambo - School Social Worker/Case Manager (BHS 11, 12, 12+)

    drambo@belvideresd.org/908-475-6600 x1411

    Michelle Rivera - LDT-C/Case Manager (White PS - 8)

    mrivera@belvideresd.org/908-475-4773 x2260

    Ashley Salsano - Occupational Therapist (Harmony/Hope)

    asalsano@belvideresd.org/908-859-1001 x701 (Harmony)/908-459-4242 x303 (Hope)

    Sandy Simone - Speech Therapist (Harmony/White)/ESLS Case Manager (Harmony)

    ssimone@belvideresd.org/908-859-1001 x725 (Harmony)/908-475-4773 x3440 (White)

    Kathryn Wilk - School Psychologist/Case Manager (Hope Township School PS - 8)

    kwilk@belvideresd.org/908-459-4242 x225 

    Terri Finegan - Physical Therapist (Harmony/White)

    Dana Paseler - Physical Therapist (J&B Therapy - Belvidere/Hope)