• Staff: Visit our Staff PD page to access our spreadsheet of Digital Tools & School Subscription information!

More Helpful Extensions

  • Screencastify: Great extension to use to create quick video tutorials to share your screen and talk students through things!

    Gmail Notifications: Receive a pop up on your computer when new emails come in, even when you are working in another tab or window.

    Share to Classroom: Push out webpages or videos right to your students through Google Classroom with this extention. 

    Dualless: Split your screen into windows, either horizontally or vertically. Variety of window sizes and layouts available. Helpful to use during Google Meets while screen sharing to see your students and your screen at the same time.


Website Tools

  • Screencastify: Great site & extension to use to create quick video tutorials to share your screen and talk students through things! 

    Zoom: Video conferencing tool 

    Wizer: Interactive Worksheets to make or use ones already created. Videos can be embedded and it can be set up to grade itself!

    Newsela: Free Access to entire platform for ELA, Social Studies, Science! See information on email about school license or contact Mrs. Bader or Mrs. Gately.

    Flocabulary:  Educational Hip Hop songs, videos and activities for grades K-12. All subjects and can search by NJ Standards. See email for activation link to school subscription or contact Mrs. Bader or Mrs. Gately.

    Kami-  Digital Pen & Paper, this allows your students to annotate and write on PDFs that you post in your Google classroom. When you sign up with your @belvideresd.org email address as a teacher or student and you will have access to our school license. 

    FlipGrid: Conduct short, video based discussions on classroom topics! Create a prompt or question and students can create their 2 minute video answer that posts directly on the flipgrid. They can see each other's responses as well. GREAT tool for class discussions! 

    PBSLearningMedia: A collection of lessons, videos and activities for all grade levels grades PreK-12.

    Powtoon: Video and Presentation creation tool! Sign up with your school account to be connected to our Classroom plan for the school. 

    Pear Deck: Add questions to Google Slides & collect student answers. Click here for a video tutorial by Courtney Kopf.

  • We also use Google Apps for Education!

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