• Last year the future-ready committee put together an online colleague visit calendar, also known as a pineapple chart. This year we can earn up to four PD hours for visiting other classrooms! You can visit for a full period and receive an hour of PD, or you can stay for a portion of a lesson and log your time accordingly. See the screenshot below for how to enter your time and description on the Employee Portal. 

    If you were here last year, you received a pineapple to post on your door whenever you are open to visitors. If you see a pineapple, it means you can drop in and visit!  New teachers - you'll receive your pineapples shortly.  If you'd like to invite colleagues in for a particular lesson or activity, please add the time & topic to our calendar. You can also access it under the staff links on our website.

    The sole purpose of this professional development is to get ideas from our peers, not for critiquing one another. It is meant for learning something new and taking advantage of the fantastic teaching that already goes on in our buildings.  The pineapple system encourages teachers to visit different grades and subject areas. You never know where you'll find your next great idea! 

    If you want to know more about why schools are moving towards this PD model, you can read this article.

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