• Throughout the Belvidere Cluster (Belvidere, Harmony, Hope and White), students can be referred for speech services by their teachers, parents or a Child Study Team member.  If a parent is looking to make a referral, letter requesting a speech & language referral should be addressed to Ryanne Bigelli, Director of Special Services.  Please note that email/phone referrals will not be accepted.


    The referral letter can be mailed to:

    Belvidere School District

    Office of Special Services

    809 Oxford Street

    Belvidere, NJ 07823

    or it can be given directly to your child's School Principal/Administrator.


    Speech/Language disorders are most effectively treated by speech & language services in the areas of fluency, language, voice and articulation.  It is important for them to develop age-appropriate skills in order to foster academic/social/emotional growth and success.