• Grading

    Most of the course grade (around 80%) is based on quizzes, tests, and other summative assessments.  The remainder of the grade (around 20%) is based on class participation and homework.

    In order to receive a good class participation grade, students should be taking notes, working productively on assignments, behaving appropriately, and volunteering to respond to questions.  A good homework grade is awarded for attempting all homework assignments and showing good effort and some understanding on those assignments.

    Google Classroom

    Each course has a specific Google Classroom page.  This page is where I post all homework assignments, quiz/test announcements, and other information or files for class.  The homework set is posted on the first day of each new lesson.  I will make a second post giving a specific time when that homework is due.  I do this because a lesson may take several days, and some students prefer to do a little homework each night instead of doing all of it at once.


    Students are expected to behave in a respectful and disciplined manner appropriate to an academic environment.  Misbehavior will result in disciplinary consequences.

    Quizzes and Tests

    Any student present in class is expected to take a quiz or test given that day.  Extensions are only granted for unusual circumstances (usually multiple absences just before the quiz/test).