• Before any medication may be administered to or by any pupil during school hours, the board shall require the written request of the parent/guardian which shall give permission for such administration and relieve the board and its employees of liability for administration of medication. In addition, the board requires the written order of the prescribing physician which shall include:

    A. The purpose of the medication;

    B. The dosage;

    C. The time at which or the special circumstances under which medication shall be administered;

    D. The length of time for which medication is prescribed;

    E. The possible side effects of the medication.

    For purposes of this policy, "medication" shall include all medicines prescribed by a physician for the particular pupil, including emergency medication in the event of bee stings, etc., and all non-prescription "over the counter" medication.

    Medication forms can be obtained from the school office or downloaded from this website under "Forms and Documen