• Activity Description

    Consumer Bowl- 

    Students are given packets of information to study which cover consumer-related topics. Topics can range from anything including Automotive Maintenance, Credit Card Skimming, Scams, Healthcare Financing Plans, Lemon Laws, and many other topics. These topics are chosen by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs. A team of 5 students study together and then compete against other schools. A total of 5 students can participate each year.

    WHAM (Warren Hunterdon Academic Meet)-

    Students compete in teams of 4 – 6 students. Topics are mostly random trivia and often include art, mathematics, history, literature, religion, science, and music. Teams try to have one person who is stronger in one or two areas. We have two WHAM competitions each year and try to take different people if possible. A total of 12 students can participate in each competition.

    Model UN- 

    Organized by the history department each year, upperclassmen have the option of participating if they are in an Honors class. Students write resolutions and debate in different rooms to pass their or other’s resolutions. The objective is to simulate what happens in the UN and contribute to the discussions. There isn’t a limit on the number of students who can participate. 

    Teen Arts- 

    Students who are interested in the arts can participate in workshops over a two-day event. Workshops cover a range of topics and usually include music, theater, poetry, and art. Students who are interested should see Mr. Coyle (art) for further information. 

    Mathematics Competitions-

    There are a variety of mathematics competitions which the school participates in each year. Students should see Mrs. Adamczyk for a complete list of what we are participating in this year. 

    Battle of the Books-

    Students read 2 – 9 books as a team. All schools involved meet and quiz against each other on their knowledge of the preselected books.


    Remember- students must participate in at least two events but are strongly encouraged to participate in as many as they are interested in.